MSc. Norbert Ferenčík

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate


Contact Details

Address: Nemcovej 3, 042 00 Košice; door number - 19

Phone number: +421 55 602 5106


Personal webpage: Department Personal website

Research interests

01/09/2016 - Present — PhD degree of intelligent systems

Technical university of Kosice, Kosice (Slovakia)

Dissertation: Interactions in Intelligent Rehabilitation Space My research activities focus on two main topics: – Diagnostics and measurement of the patient’s wrist movements. – Robot-assisted rehabilitation of wrist impairments In future, I want to create a robotics system which unites these two things in one rehabilitation platform with different methods for patients with injuries. For example on stroke patients, on the patients that have suffered an injury of soft and/or hard tissues or on the patients with deteriorated by degenerative diseases or old age.

01/09/2014 - 01/06/2016 — Master degree of cybernetics and information systems

Technical university of Kosice, Kosice (Slovakia)

Diploma Thesis: PID Control of Laboratory Model Elevator via Ladder Logic in PLC

I designed and realized an appropriate control. The model is available in the department of cybernetics and artificial Intelligence on The Technical University of Kosice, where it is possible to test it. The theoretical part of the work contains the description of the hardware and software components of the model and the theory of the functioning of cabin lifts. The practical part contains the method of the design of the regulation and the actual realization of the program.

01/09/2011 - 01/06/2014 — Bachelor degree of Cybernetics

Techical university of Kosice, Kosice (Slovakia)

Bachelor thesis : Control of laboratory models with PLC automat

The aim, of bachelor work, is to describe the models controlled by PLC automat from functionality view. The theoretical part consists of the description of hardware and software parts which interfere to models control. In practical part, there are concrete programs for controlling of selected models.


  • Seminars 2018 / 2019:


    • Intelligent Robotics

    • Fundamentals of algorithmization and programming

    • Humanoid technologies


    • Programing in language C

    • Service robotics


E-talent - REPAIR - Rehabilitation PlAtform ImpRovement, 2016



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  • Wrist computer assisted rehabilitation / Norbert Ferenčík, Marek Bundzel, Miroslav Jaščur - 2018. In: DISA 2018. - Danvers : IEEE, 2018 S. 233-236. - ISBN 978-1-5386-5101-8

  • Interactions in Intelligent Rehabilitation Space / Norbert Ferenčík - 2018. In: SCYR 2018. - Košice : TU, 2018 S. 136-137. - ISBN 978-80-553-2972-7 Spôsob prístupu:

  • PI control of laboratory model elevator via ladder logic in PLC / Norbert Ferenčík … [et al.] - 2017. In: SAMI 2017. - Danvers : IEEE, 2017 S. 000383-000386. - ISBN 978-1-5090-5654-5 Spôsob prístupu:online

  • Interactions in Intelligent Rehabilitation Space II./ Norbert Ferenčík - 2017. In: SCYR 2017. - Košice : TU, 2017 S. 140-144. - ISBN 978-80-553-3162-1

In progress

  • Using LSTM for Detection of Wrist Related Disorder. Norbert Ferencik, Miroslav Jascur, Marek Bundzel, and Iveta Zolotova.