Flash news from AI Unit

  • PhD student MSc. Jascur is on the SAIA ( ) in Berkeley, USA - working on Medical Image processing

  • PhD student MSc. Fouzia Adjaljia and MSc. Lukas Hruska were accepted to Spring School to Human Robot Interaction in Japan for end of March 2019 see here and here

  • PhD student MSc. Lukas Hruska is leaving for Erasmus stay at ART Internaional in Japan for 3 months starting end of March, 2019 see here

  • prof. Sincak is leaving for Erasmus stay in ATR International in Japan ([here]()) and visiting China Univeristy of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei for invited talks and seminars with goal of future colaboration. Travel will start in May 2nd until May 26th, 2019