DISA 2018

We have successfully organized the first World Symposium on Digital Intelligence for Systems and Machines. Special thanks to prof. Peter Sincak for making this possible.

Just a quick recap:

The main aim of the symposium was to provide a platform for a multidisciplinary discussion on the intelligence of real and virtual machines. Since we entered the era of big data, Internet of Things and cloud services, embodiment is no more required for intelligence and its evolution. Intelligence as a service appears to be the main challenge towards weak artificial intelligence and a world of many connected machines, fast wireless connectivity and remote brain concepts. The symposium should discuss and agree on guidelines of designing intelligent machines (physical and virtual) and their connection in the sense of Industry 4.0/Reality 2.0. The purpose of machine intelligence has always been to improve the quality of human life. Various fields such as robotics, embodied and non-embodied systems and further can bring inspiration to applications useful for society. Digital Intelligence for Systems and Machines is a big challenge of mankind to benefit from. Business models of these applications are crucial since the balance between human labor and unemployment is a decisive factor in our current chaotic and fast-developing society.

Group photo:

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We hope that everybody enjoyed his/her stay in Kosice. We are looking forward to meet again in Miskolc in 2020.